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API Testing Tutorial Course

API Testing Tutorial Course Overview

The acronym ‘API’ in API Testing stands for application programming interfaces. API Testing is a software testing method that involves the testing of APIs and determining their reliability, functionality, security, and performance. In LuckyTrainings course, we will help you land a lucrative job through several sessions of mock interviews, preparation of your resume, and more. By the end of the training, you will receive an industry-recognized Postman API Testing certification.

Best API Testing Tutorial Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to web application architecture
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Introduction to Web-Services
  • How does an API works
  • What is API testing?
    1. What does API Testing involve
    2. Validation techniques used in API Testing
    3. API Testing Steps
    4. Understanding URI, End points, Resources, Http verbs
    5. GUI tools available for API Testing
    6. Command-line tools available for API Testing
    7. Best Practices for API Testing
  • Advantages of API
  • API vs Web-Services
  • Introduction to API architecture, REST API, SOAP API
  • Understanding how REST API architecture works
  • Understanding how SOAP API architecture works
  • Understanding the HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, OPTIONS, HEAD, and Few more
  • What is Postman tool
  • Installation of Native Postman tool
  • Installation of Postman tool as Chrome Add-on
  • Introduction to Postman landscape
  • Introduction to Postman Settings
  • Creating First API request using Postman
  • Functional Testing of Web Services
  • Understanding History
  • Setting up Test Project with REST APIs
  • Validating responses with Postman client
  • Validating the body of the first JSON response
  • Examples of validating response headers and status codes
  • Understanding query parameters on sending request Validating status code
  • Validating Response time
  • How to debug & troubleshoot
  • How to create and manage Workspaces
  • Importing request from your browser
  • Cookies
  • Saving Responses
  • Creating collections in Postman tool
  • Importing/Exporting collections using Postman tool
  • Run Collections Remotely with URL
  • Creating variables at difference scope levels and how to refer them
  • How to set and get variables through scripting
  • Creating Environments
  • How to setup different URLs using environments
  • How to create quick scripts
  • Pre-request scripts
  • Test scripts/Assertions
  • Make the requests dynamic by taking advantage of variables
  • Generating code snippets in Postman tool
    • Troubleshooting.

Postman API Automation: Part 1

  • Collection Runner
  • Postman monitors
  • Automating with Newman tool
  • Basic introduction to NPM tool & NodeJS
  • Installing NodeJS
  • Installing Newman tool
  • Running a collection with Newman tool
  • Specifying environments in Newman tool
  • Creating an HTML report using Newman tool
  • Using Authentication/Authorization in Postman tool

Postman API Automation: Part 2

  • Automating POST request with payload
  • Grabbing the response body into the string for advance validations
  • Data-Driven testing using CSV and JSON
  • Scheduling the API testing periodically
  • Load testing of API testing in Postman tool
  • Running and analyzing Load Test results
  • Shortcut methods to convert Raw data to XML/JSON
  • Logging feature to debug automation scripts
  • Using Postman to Create a Reusable API Framework
  • Testing Workflow with TwitterAPI
  • Java Installation : JDK / JRE
  • IDE Installation: Eclipse/ IntelliJ / NetBeans
  • Maven Installation & Configuration
  • What are variables
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Control statements
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Objects

Modes of Training

Self-Paced Learning
Online Instructor LED
Corporate Solutions

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API Testing Certificate

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The course was perfectly designed and completed in time. All the AWS and DevOps modules covered with simple examples and real-time scenarios. The trainer was patient enough to solve all my silly doubts.
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I attended the demo and decided to join the course. I liked the course content and support from the coursedrill team. I am really thankful for helping me out with my learning requirement.
Komal Pandey
Komal Pandey
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I would recommend Coursedrill for those who wish to learn things practically. The support was really good during and after the training. They helped me a lot right from training to till I get the job.