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About JMeter Training

Apache JMeter Performance Testing instrument is planned in a comprehensive way to memorize from Lucky Trainings trainers who  have encounter in real-time. Like other Testing tools, this is too utilized for performance testing of applications, this is open-source testing. JMeter is useful for testing Databases, files, scripts, java objects, FTP servers that are Static & Active web assets. It can effectively analyze the performance and quality testing can be done beneath diverse loads.

JMeter Online Training Course Curriculum

  1. Types of Request(GET/POST) 
  2.  Query String/PostData 
  3.  REST API/SOAP – Web Service  
  4. Web Application Architecture  
  5. Client and Server Architecture 
  1. What is PerformanceTesting  
  2. Manual and Automation of Performance Testing  
  3. Advantages of Performance Testing  
  4. Performance Testing Fixes  
  5. Types of PerformanceTests  
  6. Metrics of Performance Testing  
  7. AvailableTools
  1. What, Why andHow  
  2. Downloading andInstalling  
  3. Jmeter Properties  
  4. TestPlan  
  5. Thread Group  
  6. Recording 
  7.  ViewResults  
  8. ConcurrentUsers  
  9. Regular Expression Extractor 
  1. ThreadGroups  
  2. Config Elements  
  3. Pre –Processors  
  4. Post –Processors
  5. Listeners 
  6. Assertions  
  7. Timers 
  8.  Logic Controllers  
  9. Testing with Web Services 
  1. PlugIns  
  2. LoadParameters  
  3. Reporting/Graphs  
  4. PropertyFiles 
  5.  JTLFiles  
  6. ServerMonitoring 
  7.  Data sharing queues 
  8.  Network control  
  9. Extending JMeter with Java code 
  10.  Extending JMeter with Selenium code  
  11. Extending JMeter with BeanShell code  
  12. Extending JMeter with JUnit code  
  13. Extending JMeter with Groovy code  
  14. Mobile Performance Testing with Jmeter 

Modes of Training

Self-Paced Learning
Online Instructor LED
Corporate Solutions

JMeter Training Highlights

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The course was perfectly designed and completed in time. All the AWS and DevOps modules covered with simple examples and real-time scenarios. The trainer was patient enough to solve all my silly doubts.
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I attended the demo and decided to join the course. I liked the course content and support from the coursedrill team. I am really thankful for helping me out with my learning requirement.
Komal Pandey
Komal Pandey
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I would recommend Coursedrill for those who wish to learn things practically. The support was really good during and after the training. They helped me a lot right from training to till I get the job.